Bansuli Mazikeen “Maze”

Sire: CCCA CH & GDGCH Ajays Total Eclipse
Dam: CH Bansuli Zuris Charm
Coat Genetics: Brown Rosetted

Maze is an exceptional female with a striking pattern, inky black rosettes on a tight highly glittered coat. She has beautiful overall type with moderate head and ears. Maze has a lovely temperament and is always looking for a cuddle and a lap to sit on.

Maze 2
Maze 3

Thailandia Principessa “Thailandia”

Sire: Cloudedbengals Zambi
Dam: Corsicana Delissa
Coat Genetics: Brown Rosetted, carrying Lynx

Our stunning clouded female all the way from Poland. Not only is she beautiful but has a loving sweet temperament.

Thailandia 1
Thailandia 2

Bansuli White Noise “Lorde”

Sire: Iceni Excalibur
Dam: Ch Bansuli Cotton Candy
Coat Genetics: Brown Rosetted, carrying Lynx

Lorde has everything you could want in a queen. She is stunningly marked and has a exceptional sweet loving temperament which she passes on to her offspring.

Lorde 3
Lorde 1

Ch Bansuli Penny Lane “Penny”

Sire: CCCA Ch & GDGCH Ajays Total Eclipse
Dam: Bansuli Divinyls
Coat Genetics: Brown Rosetted

Penny is our pretty golden rosetted princess. She has perfect rosette placement on a golden highly glittered coat. She is a very outgoing girl who enjoys spending time with her human companions.

Penny 4
Penny 3