About Us

Bansuli Bengals is run by mother and daughter Sybil and Pandora with assistance from Sybil’s two young children. Animals have always been a part of our home and heart and we can’t imagine a life without them. Sybil is a qualified veterinary nurse and prior to breeding Bengals was involved in showing and breeding Dalmatians under the SoftSpot prefix.

Our first litter of Bengals under the Bansuli Bengals prefix arrived in early 2012 and things have grown and blossomed from there. We have been active in the world of showing from the very beginning and our cats have been high achievers at both breed and best in show levels, a hobby that gives great validation of our breeding program and helps assure us that our Bengals are meeting the correct standards for our breed.

Our mission is to continue to improve and be good ambassadors for this wonderful breed and to provide our pet owners with only the best quality Bengals who have endearing temperaments, good health and beautiful looks.


Our Cattery

Our cats are very much a part of our life and since we believe that all cats should be pets first we ensure that they have large outdoor enclosures filled with enrichment and comfort. Our outdoor runs allow our cats to run, play, climb and enjoy the fresh air and comforts of outdoors without the dangers.

Our young cats live indoors until they have reached maturity when they are integrated into the large cat runs. Breeding females then join us back inside when they are pregnant and while raising litters. All of our litters are raised inside in our special kittening room while weaning and litter training. Our kittening room is equipped with scratching poles, comfortable bedding, endless toys and water fountains.

Once kittens are litter trained they get to join the other adults in the house, where they learn to become part of a busy family which includes, children, other cats and dogs. Socialisation is imperative when raising Bengal kittens, we spend hours on end ensuring that each and every one of our kittens is getting exactly what they need from us, while we assist them in gaining the skills to be loving, intelligent pets when they go to their new homes.