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Page Last Updated: 18th February 2020


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Maze and Teddy

DOB: 16th January 2020

Ready to go to new homes from: 2nd April 2020

Boy # 1 – (SOLD) Stunning Bengal male with overall well placed even rosettes on a caramel background excellent strong pigment and glitter. Good head with correct ear shape and placement.

Girl – (Available) Very pretty Bengal female with gorgeous big pancake rosettes on a clear glittered background. Lovely head and ear placement.

Boy # 2 – (AVAILABLE) Top quality Bengal male with very large impressive clouded rosettes on a highly pigmented tight glittered coat. Wonderful head and ear placement.

Torvi and Teddy

DOB: 24th  January 2020

Ready to go to new homes from: 17th April 2019

Boy – (AVAILABLE) Top quality male with exceptional markings, coat quality and glitter.

Girl # 1 – (Available) Top quality female with gorgeous pattern and short tight highly glittered coat.

Girl # 2 – (Available) Top quality WOW factor female with large pancake pattern on a tight highly glittered coat. She would make a wonderful addition to a small cattery.

No retired cats currently available


“Available” – This kitten is available and inquiries are welcome.

“Under Evaluation” – We are currently evaluating this kitten and it may become available inquiries still welcome.

“Pending” – Awaiting holding fee from prospective buyer.

“Reserved” – A holding fee has been placed on this kitten and it is not available.

“Sold” – This kitten has been paid for in full and is not available.

“Keeper” – This kitten is being retained for our breeding program.