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Last Updated 20th May 2018

Pommy & Penny
DOB: 22nd April 2018
Ready to go to new homes: 15th July 2018

Brown Rosetted Boy 1 (Reserved $2500) – A stunning boy with large inky rosettes and excellent contrast. A high quality coat with rich warm golden colours and is highly glittered.

Brown Rosetted Boy 2 (Reserved $2500) – An exceptional Bengal boy with large overall patterning and high contrast. With excellent head type and ear size and tight glittered coat.

Brown Rosetted Female (Under Evaluation) – Top quality female with great coat contrast and rosetting.

Available Retired Adults

“Nixie” – Nixie is looking for her happy every after. Nixie is a gorgeous girl with a heart of gold. She is just coming on five years of age and was an exceptional mum and was very influential to our breeding program. Sadly when we re-homed Nixie two years ago we thought we had found the perfect home, this was not to be the case. A number of months back Nixie was surrendered by her owners to the Animal Welfare League despite living very close to us and us always assuring our pet owners that we happily take cats back or assist with re-homing if the need arises. As soon as it was brought to our attention that Nixie was at the AWL and up for adoption I went and paid to have her come home immediately. She was surrendered due to not getting along with a dog or other cats and did have some urinary stone issues at the time of surrender. We have had Nixie back in our care for a few months now and we have found no urinary issue’s so have put this down to a poor diet and stress. She is not as trusting as she once was and it makes me wonder what type of stress she has come across during her two years away from us. I have tested her with our dog and some of our dog sitting clients and she is not fussed by calm small dogs but does show some nervousness around large rambunctious dogs. She has also been tested with many of our female and male cats and is not overly fussed by them either although she is not a playful cat and does get annoyed by some of the younger cats who like to play rough. Ultimately I would like Nixie to go to a home with ALOT of patience and to someone is understanding of all that she has gone through. A home that is willing to feed her the high quality wet food we suggest. A home with perhaps one small dog may be suitable and perhaps an older quite cat. We want the very best for her and trust that given some time and screening we will be successful this time in finding her the very special pet home she deserves. Please fill out one of our kitten application forms if you are interested, a small re-homing fee is being asked.


“Available” – This kitten is available and inquiries are welcome.

“Under Evaluation” – We are currently evaluating this kitten and it may become available inquiries still welcome.

“Pending” – Awaiting holding fee from prospective buyer.

“Reserved” – A holding fee has been placed on this kitten and it is not available.

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“Keeper” – This kitten is being retained for our breeding program.